Why Escorts Offer Friendship and Intimacy with Less Drama?


It is assumed that more than 35% men seek comfort from a sex worker, strip dancer or a prostitute, at one point or other in their lives. Reasons for hiring an escort are various –

  • First time
  • Commitment fear to monogamous relationship
  • Bachelor party
  • Unfulfilling sexual marriage

When a couple spends lot of time with one another, their sex life waxes and wanes. It is hot at time and can lax for some time. Married men and women give countless reasons to stray like kids, kicking responsibilities, struggling economy, aging parents, midlife crisis, and more. Nevertheless, people who look for physical gratification don’t desire an end to their marriage.

They married someone they love and stayed devoted for years. Became parents and handled tough situations together. They depend on one another. These are fulfilling aspects of a happy marriage but for some sex life is essential. Such married people get tempted to have an extra marital affair.

According to the society, this is not an excuse. If you have issues in relationship then seek counselling. However, if you feel that escort is the best solution then you can visit Lovesita.com. It is better to hire an escort because there is less drama. If friends get involved in extra marital affair then this scandal reaches home in an awkward way, which you don’t want.

Why guys seek extramarital relationship?

  • For venting things partner don’t listen to
  • Obviously for sex
  • For change of pace
  • For excitement and pleasure
  • For physical and emotional comfort

Why escorts provide all this with less drama and low risk?

She is a professional

An escort is a professional and always ensure to please each of her client. Every client feels that she in romantically involved with them. Actually, you are a client and paying her for her services, she will never romanticize you when you are not together.

It’s their business

Escort will show genuine interest in knowing your identity and how you desire to spend the time with her. It is because you are paying as a client. It is not a date and you are not her boyfriend. For some men it takes a while to digest this reality. She will never show up in your office during lunch hours or you will need to feel awkward, when you come across one another in public. She knows how to be discreet and thus protects you and herself from uncomfortable scenarios. They know the dos and don’ts, as it is their business.

Care is limited

It is possible that a part of yourself will be shared with an escort. There may be need for a good listener, where you can easily get de-stressed babbling about kids, job, parents, spouse, and more. You can even enjoy poised fantasizes together, if your life is just flawless. In any way, she will identify a part you show and respond accordingly for the exact time you paid….no more!

Don’t get judgmental

If you would be dating a married girl, it would seem cool in the start but soon there would be a situation where one or both start feeling massively guilty. It holds a lot of drama. On the other hand, escorts reserve their judgment. Her business is to offer support, friendship and intimacy. Never question or be judgmental!

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