The Most Popular Sexual Fetishes That You Need to Know


People who engage in normal sexual activities may not know how many sexual fetishes exist and how they are used. People execute sexual fetishes most of the times and you could delight experiencing it on your own or with that lover who allows you attain a stage of sexual arousal. Sexual fetishism can be an obsession that is associated with products like leather items, heels, or lingerie or even parts of the body like toes and bosoms. We even have people who experience fetishes about blood. Your lover can have an erotic fetish that you aren’t aware. Here are some of the most common fetishes that you need to know;

  • Submission and Dominion

Submission and dominion fall among the most regularly done sex fetishes. It is believed that individuals who decision making is part of their lives prefer a reversal of roles when it comes to sexuality. These people would prefer to function as the other half i.e. the submissive and not the dominant personality. The most common types of dominion and submission are whipping and spanking, and using BDSM restraints which include wrist and ankle cuffs to tie the submissive together as the domineering lover assumes the command. Some embarrassing assignments like scrubbing the WC when naked as the dominant partner looks at you also falls under this category.

  • Voyeurism

Most people who watch porn are voyeurs because these people become bodily turned off when they see the other people take part in sexual intercourse or undress. It is a common way to share your sexual fetish online. However, even people who don’t view porn are also voyeurs. We have people who sneak in closets just to watch others participate in sex-related activities secretly.

  • Bedroom Role-Play

This activity rekindles some spark back into the sexual life of the participants. Bed room role play encompasses dressing up in the adult uniform before turning to your other half. The female puts on an alluring uniform but its not common for the men.

  • Swinging & Group Sex

Group sex allows you to go through the elation that is associated with intimacy with other people while your partner is aware. Some of the sex fetishes under this category include two partners asking a third party to get involved, swapping wives, and swigging that see couples gather together and swap their lovers with individuals in the group.

  • Foot Fetishes

Feet and shoes are a sexual fetish that is incredibly common. Some adult men go wild by simply seeing a woman wearing high heels. Some foot lovers like to sick toes and feel the odor of the shoes or feet especially leather ones.

  • Anal Pursuits

Anal sex is relished by both the men and the women but most of them do it in secret. The rectum has more nerve endings than the vaginal area or phallus and produces greater sexual climax for both parties. Both men and women use anal intercourse to elevate the physical pleasure that they encounter.

  • Latex, Vinyl, and Leather

Use vinyl, leather, and latex to support intimate activities is an alternative variety to role-play. It entails putting on any of these clothing varieties and having sex in them. These clothing have a closely fitting characteristic that create a higher physical elation. In most cases, people use bondage products like hand cuffs, blindfolds, floggers, and BDSM collars alongside them.

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