Men Cannot Resist Watching Other Women and Nude Pictures, Why?


can also get aroused by looking at both nude and clothed woman, who may be having an attractive face or figure. Though, it may or may not affect the relationship with their woman unless he takes things too far with the other woman.

So, we can say whether you are a good man or not so good man, the chemical in your brain will surely get activated by looking at an attractive woman.

If you visit a website like by intention or by accident, you cannot resist yourself and you may want spend more time even if you are too busy. It is a natural instinct of men and nothing to do about his moral character.

Actually, men have been designed in such a way that they will spread their seed as much as possible. However, monogamy restricts men to remain satisfied with a single woman, but by nature men really are not monogamous creatures.

This characteristic you can also find in animals too. However, since men are the best creation of God, and hence various religion and social norms have restricted men to remain satisfied with a single woman.

However, deep inside, in their unconscious mind men always look for other women and that is the reason you will find most men usually spend their time watching nude pictures and erotic movies. All these are just to satisfy their internal urge, which they cannot express explicitly.

Sex drive of men has really nothing to relate with personality, kindness or compatibility. Entirely it is based on female’s physical attraction, which every man instantly feels due to release of serotonin, dopamine, and testosterone.

Therefore, men can easily know if they would like to sleep with a woman in less than just 5 seconds. However, woman takes much longer time to accept any man.

Men’s sex interest with his girl-friend may remain for couple of years and once that intense feeling subsides after the birth of a child, men are attracted to other women and the moment he finds an attractive woman then his internal feelings will be aroused.

More a self-aware a man is, he can check these spikes intellectually, which is biologically programmed inside his mind, and he will behave with other woman in a rational way.

Men need more variety and therefore porn industries thrive. Our religion and society restrict men to remain satisfied with a single woman so that we can be identified different from animals.

So, most gentlemen will remain faithful to their wives or girl-friends, but that does not mean that they will not get desire when they see any attractive woman around. Most alpha men therefore marry a woman and sleep with many women secretly.

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