Solving sensitivity issues with the clitoris


Can Use a Vibrator Often Cause Sensitivity Issue in The Clitoris?

There is a buzz regarding ‘dead vagina syndrome’ that has caused a wave of concern in the sex toys arena on the internet. Users are concerned and are looking for answers. “Can spending quality time frequently with vibrators desensitize the clitoris”?

We Vibe Nova Vibrator

We looked to a professional sexologist who explains that “vibrators will never deteriorate your clitoris. The fear-mongering term dead vagina syndrome is the invention of the male-dominant community, who ignores or doesn’t understand female sexual needs or vulva anatomy”.

G-spot or internal vibrator usage “can numb your vagina” is a faux diagnosis of folks who are not comfortable with the idea of women experiencing orgasm through masturbation. It is the stigma that is buzzing around and not science. Even when one uses a vibration toy at high intensity and pattern, it will not ruin her sensitive parts for partnered sex. They will orgasm the same way with or without a toy.

Lovify solves this by including stamina ratings and a strength meter rating from one to ten under each product page specifications tab allowing users to learn. Excellent for anyone wanting to understand the specs that are perfect for themselves.

A small study reported that vibes did not induce any negative symptoms on the user’s genitals. Alternatively, it contributed a positive outcome such as increased lubrication, reducing pain, and ultimately the enjoyment of an intense orgasm.

Some people can experience temporary numbness, just like your arm can encounter when using a grass mower on your lawn. After intense stimulation, your body will need time to recover and adjust. Similarly, it happens in sex with vibrators; no need for concern; toy lovers eventually change and love it.

Loss of sensitivity does not mean it is your handheld buzzer!

When loss of sensitivity happens, it is most likely coming from elsewhere and not your vibrator. It can be aspects like depression, medication, stress, or underlying health issues which can desensitize your downstairs. Orgasm in women triggers from her brain, so stress associated with orgasm can be a significant obstacle. It’s wise always to consult your gynecologist if you ever experience a sensitivity squash to your vaginal parts.

Cannot climax during partnered sex doesn’t mean your vibrator damaged your goods!

It can happen, so take a deep breath! Only a whopping 10% of women can orgasm with ease. The majority of women cannot orgasm simply from vaginal penetration. Most have found they require additional stimulation, so clitoral or external vibrators are a practical solution as they can offer that. During movie sex, it’s rare that anyone pulls out a vibrator. However, in the movies, let’s remember it is not real-life sex! Some women need additional stimulation to climax, along penetration is normal. No shame to pull out that fantastic dual stim vibrator!

Again, no need to worry about any numbness or desensitization due to vibrators; remember, it’s usually people that are uneasy with women discovering their pleasure. They even don’t understand how the anatomy of a woman functions. However, literacy has reduced the stigma associated with women’s enjoyment, but some traces keep popping up with a buzz.

Relax and without any doubt, enjoy your vibrator to orgasm as much as you desire!

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