Few Tips On How To Get Intimate With Transsexual Women


Before you have an intimate relationship with anyone, there is a need to have enough communication with your partner. You need to make sure about the liking and disliking of your partner so that your relationship lasts longer.

If you are going to indulge in sexual intimacy with the other person, then the kind of conversation must be related to their preferences, past sexual history, etc. A few questions need to be asked so that both can enjoy a nice time together.

This conversation is even more important if your sexual partner happens to a Trans woman. Often such a conversation can be a little difficult, as we are quite familiar with man to woman relationship, but know very little about the sexuality of this third gender.

Often, they may feel offended if any wrong questions are asked and then the intimate relationship may break before it starts.

So to avoid such pitfall here are few tips provided, which will be useful to help you enjoy intimacy with a transgender woman.

  1. Set the tone

Before entering into any kind of intimate relationship with such people, it is better than both of you must be on the same page. Don’t try to bring her identity into the conversation rather discuss liking and disliking of each other. Ensure that there is no dialogue about her gender identity.

  1. Don’t assume anything

Remember every person is different from each other, which is also true about transgenders. Even if you have the experience of having sex with some other transgender does not mean it will be the same with others too.

So, leave all your assumptions and start fresh.

  1. Try to talk about pleasure rather than body parts

It will be better to talk regarding what kind of pleasure you want instead of talking about her body parts as that may give her a feeling that she is different. So, you must restrict your discussion about what are the things that can offer you more pleasure.

  1. Set your boundaries

You must communicate with each other about your various disliking and limitations. It helps both know the dos and don’ts during an intimate encounter. You can also have realistic expectations from each other.

  1. Learn a proper language to communicate

You must make sure which pronouns will be comfortable for the transgender person. Some of them prefer to be addressed as “he” while most of them prefer to be addressed as “she”. Ensure what your TS date likes to be called, so as not to offend their feeling.

  1. Be clear about your intention

Quite a few transgender girls do not prefer to make them sex object only. Therefore, while going for an intimate relationship, you must tell the person about your intention.

  1. Have a plan

Make sure that you do not forget to use various protections needed for safe sex. HIV report for both is needed, so discuss this aspect before moving into sexual intimacy.

If you want to try a specific sex position, then make sure that it is possible.

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